Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How Do You Feed YOUR Pets?

When I was in highschool I worked at McDonald's. I loved the job b/c my position was "first booth". I was stationed in the first booth of the drive-thru, so all my job entailed was taking orders & money. I didn't have to worry about complaints or the grease from the grill that is all-pervasive & seems to cause an influx of acne in it's employees (though maybe that's just b/c the employees are pubescent).

After awhile I got to know the regulars, but there was one guy who came through daily & all he would say was, "I'll have the $10.56 special." I have to admit, that the first few times I had no idea what he was talking about & it took me awhile to memorize his order, but over 10 years later, here's what it was:

10 Cheeseburgers w/o Onions
10 Packets of Mustard
2 Cheeseburgers
1 Large Diet Coke w/o ice

And the total came to: $10.56 (of course it's probably more than that now... oy, I'm getting old!)

He had two Shar-Pei's that were always in the car w/ him trying to escape out of the window to get a good sniff of me, or a pat on the head. He also always had the exact change. As he would hand it over, I'd inevitably end up with a few furballs as well. He was a man you would characterize as a "sweaty old guy", but he was usually quite pleasant during our brief exchanges.

After a few months I finally worked up the courage to ask what the order was all about & this was his reply:

The 2 regular cheeseburgers were for himself & the 10 packets of mustard would go on those. The 10 cheeseburgers w/o onions were for his dogs & if he gave them onions, they'd stink him out. He figured that out fairly early on (lucky for him!).

I have no idea if these dogs were also fed normal dog food, or if they just each had 5 cheeseburgers everyday. I was to grossed out thinking about 5 packets of mustard on a cheeseburger to ask anymore questions at that point.

But at $10.56 every day, you'd think that not only would regular dog food be better for the dogs (was his vet not aware?), but also cheaper! He probably could have afforded the high end stuff at that price!

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