Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Houses We've Called "Home"

Nikki @ BlahBlahBlah posted the other day about the houses she's lived in & asked her readers to do the same, so I thought I'd give it a go. There are a few places that we didn't manage to get pictures of, but here we go!

This is my parents house where I lived for most of my childhood, except for a brief 3 year stint when we moved from Washington to Maryland.

When PChad & I first got married we lived in this cute little 2 bedroom house in a small town in Alberta, Canada.

After a year we moved out to his parents' farm, & lived in a little log house, since PChad was working there on the weekends & it was a shorter commute to school for him. We were there for 2 years until PChad finished University.

Then we moved to London, England, where we stayed in a flat downtown for the first 6 weeks until we could find another place to live which would allow us to be able to afford to eat as well!

We met an elderly couple at church who invited us to come & live with them, so we stayed at their place for the next year until PChad was finished his Master's Degree.

We moved back to Alberta to the farm & lived with PChad's parents for a month until we had to move to Michigan for PChad to start Seminary.

We lived in a one bedroom apartment which was a part of student housing at the seminary. We lived there 1.5 years until we moved for our summer internship.

We moved to the parsonage (see it on the left?) of a rural church in Southern Alberta for 3 months in the summer of 2005.

After living in a "real" house on our internship, our apartment in Michigan seemed really small, so we bought our first house & lived there for 1.5 years until we moved for our year-long internship.

We lived for a year in a 2 bedroom basement apartment in Ontario until PChad was finished his internship & finished his schooling.

We then moved back to Alberta while we decided on where we'd take a job, & lived with PChad's parents, BUT they had moved off the farm & into town, so another new house for us to live in!

And now we live here on PEI & are hoping to stay for many, MANY years!


  1. WHOA!! You guys really got around! I bet you are the best packer and unpacker in the world! And I bet you haven't accumulated a bunch of junk...because you would have un-junked every time you moved. I also think it would be fun to live in so many different places. What great experiences you must have had. And so nice of his parents to let you stay with them inbetween the many moves. I hope you get to stay in your current home and grow some roots. It is a beautiful home! I bet it's even prettier without all that mean snow! Thanks for doing this. I just love seeing everyone's history in houses!

  2. Wow! And I thought we moved a lot! This is a fun post - I think I might give it a try also! And you are so blessed to live on PEI!!! We used to vacation there in the summers - how beautiful! Hope you get to stay there for a long time!

  3. Nice to see another couple that has moved as much as as we have. Love your current home!

    The Blue Ridge Gal