Friday, 3 April 2009

Quite The Talker

Asher will talk to anyone. He loves to tell people, "My name is Asher Declan Vxxxxxx! And that's my sister, her name is Chancery."

Yesterday we were at Value Village in the check-out line (which Asher calls "the buying place") & one of the managers came over to say "hi" to Chancery. Asher took the opportunity to tell the woman his scripted lines & they struck up a conversation about what we were buying & whom it was for.

After a few minutes, Asher said, "Can you go back to your buying place, where you belong? I'm done talking to you now."

Fortunately I don't think she understood all of what he said. We still have a bit to teach him about social graces I guess!

1 comment:

  1. lol! wow. Asher is quite the peice of work! it's a good thing he's outgoing. (although, i'm beginning to have visions of him pulling a denice the menace when he's a little don't have any mr wilson's on your street, do you?)