Saturday, 11 June 2016

We Arrived in Paris!

Chad & I went to Paris for a week so he could attend his graduation for his (third) Master's degree, & so we could enjoy the city.

 Here we are in the airport, ready to go!

This is the little street that our flat was on.  It was quite close to Notre Dame which made it easy to walk everywhere.  when we arrived at the flat we could leave our luggage, but we were too early for check-in time, so we had to go exploring for a bit.

We walked along the Seine for awhile, but we were thwarted by all the mud that was covering much of the walkways due to flooding from the week before.

You can see on the bridge how high the water was, just under the circles. 

The sun came out when we got to Notre Dame, & we were delighted to discover they had free wifi in the Square Jean XXIII behind the cathedral.

After being up for 23 hours & walking about 5 km we were tired & glad to be able to get into our flat!

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