Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Paris At Night (Kind of)

One of Chad's classmates offered to drive us around Paris at night so we could see the monuments lit up.  Unfortunately when they picked us up at 9, we discovered that we were going to see the city at dusk rather than full darkness, but we carried on anyway & got some nice photos.

The Institute de France 

The Eiffel Tower with a football hung in the centre because of the Euro Cup which is happening now.

Here we are!

The Arc de Triomphe.  We drove around it in the crazy round-about!

The Louvre

We drove past the Eiffel Tower the night after Chad's graduation & I got this stellar picture.  The lights also twinkle every hour for a few minutes.

The traffic was a little lighter at night than it usually is during the day, but it was still pretty crazy.  The drivers seem to be pretty aggressive, but they also let other cars merge quite regularly, & they don't honk their horns much.  It was interesting to experience.

Total Distance walked: 9 km

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