Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another Graduation

Chad likes learning.  When I met him 18 years ago, he was just entering University on the Pre-Med track.  Shortly thereafter, he decided becoming a doctor would take too many years of school, so he switched majors to Ag-Bio Tech halfway through his first year.  We got married that summer, & moved to Alberta, so he switched schools.  For his third year, he switched majors again to Economics.  When he finished his Bachelors, I figured he was done with school, but he felt the lure of further education.

The next year found us in England while he pursued a Masters in Philosophy.  After that he had to choose between 2 opportunities: go back to Canada & farm, or get a Doctorate in Logic.  After weeks of trying to decide between the 2, he felt the call to go into the ministry.  A few months later we had moved to Michigan so he could get a Masters of Divinity.  When he completed that degree he had gone to school for the same amount of time it would have taken for him to become a doctor!

He got his first job!  A few years into it he heard the siren call of education once again, this time for a Specialized Masters (MS) in "Consulting & Coaching for Change" & 2 years later I found myself at another of his graduations!  Will this degree be his last?  Probably not.

Here he is, all ready to go!

Chad receiving his diploma

Hooray!  He did it!

Proof of where he graduated from... the sign around the corner advertised for the coffee shop & said "HECoffee".  He opted not to get a photo by that sign.

His classmates opted not to get their class photo taken by the professionals & have to pay 30 Euros for a photo.  Instead they comandeered a picnic table & had their loved ones take photos on their phones.  It was quite comical! 

Total Distance walked: 4 km

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