Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Parisian Flat

We had left booking a place to stay til the last minute because we weren't quite sure if we wanted to stay in Paris the whole time, or be closer to the school for the graduation.  We ended up deciding it would be nicer to just stay in one place the whole time, so I set about looking on AirBnB,, & VRBO.  Hotels were pretty much all expensive if we wanted to stay central (which we did), so I perused the sites looking for flats we could stay in.  There ended up being a glitch in the VRBO system, so I was quoted a really low price for one awesome looking flat.  When the owner got back to me he told me he couldn't give it to me for the price I had been quoted, but he would still give me a discount from the regular rate.  By the time we finished negotiating, it was only 2 days before our trip!

If you are going to stay in Paris, this is the way to do it!  There were 2 days that Chad had meetings all day with some of his classmates, so I was left to my own devices.  I'm not one to go out alone in a city I don't know, especially when I don't speak the language, so I mostly stayed in the flat (except for when I went out in search of chocolate truffles!).  I was very thankful that I wasn't stuck in a tiny hotel room! 

The flat had a loft area which had the washroom & a bedroom.   The flat sleeps 6-8.  The only downside is that there is only one washroom, & it's off the upstairs bedroom, so you'd have to know the people you are sharing the flat with quite well. 
The bathtub was huge & it was awesome after getting caught in the rain one day!

Here you see the entrance to the flat & the stairs up to the loft area.  Just to the right is the entrance to the kitchen.

Nice big kitchen.  There was also a futon in this area.

This is the entrance way again, looking toward the living area.  

This is a futon, there is also a double bed to the left of the TV, & across from the TV is a hide-a-bed couch, which I was sitting on in yesterday's pictures.

Off the living area is the terrace.  When it wasn't raining, we enjoyed sitting on the terrace & having our coffee.

The owner of the flat also has places in Rome & Istanbul.  We may have to go check them out too!

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