Thursday, 30 June 2016

Our Family's First Mariner's Game!

My parents invited us to join them for a Mariners baseball game at the end of the school year, so we packed up & headed South for the day.  I drove us through the border, since we were going into the States & visiting my family, I figured it would be easier if I answered the border guard's questions.  Chad good a good laugh after we got through the border though...

Guard: "What is the purpose of your visit?"

Me: "We're going to a Mariner's game."

Guard: "Where are you sitting?"

Me: "Way up high."

To be fair, my parents bought the tickets & all we knew was that we were going to be sitting in the highest section!

We had some extra time once we got to my parents' place before we had to leave for the game.  Asher received a few birthday presents...

 A Lego shirt in a BRIGHT colour!

 And a kit of catchable bubbles!

My parents have a large garden, & we happened to be visiting just as the raspberries were ripe, so the kids & I decided to sample a few

But look who else enjoyed the bubble kit!

We made it to the game, & I was delighted to discover we got to sit in the sun for a few hours!

The kids signed up for the kids club, which is free, & received a backpack, lanyard, photo ID tag, & wiffle ball.  They were adamant that they needed team shirts as well, & since they weren't too expensive, we acquiesced...  I'm sure it was the shirt that made the game so exciting for Asher!

The Mariners were getting trounced, so we left the game early in order to get the kids to bed before midnight.  Overall we had fun, but I realized that my kids didn't know much about baseball!

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