Friday, 26 February 2016

House Tour -Kitchen & Living Room

Just past the front room, you enter the kitchen/dining/living room.  To the right is the kitchen.

It has a nice, big island with outlets!  There's also a water tap over the stove to fill your large pots.  The door to the left of the stove leads to the 'spice kitchen'.

Beside the fridge is the wall-oven & built-in microwave.  The cupboards in the kitchen are so high that the kids can barely reach the bottom shelf, so in order to allow them the opportunity to empty the dishwasher, we opted to put all our dishes in the lower cabinets of the island.  It's strange, but it works!

Here's a peak into the 'spice kitchen'.  It has a double sink, & a gas stove & oven.  The idea of this is for when you make smelly foods, you can shut the door & turn on the industrial strength fan so you don't smell up the rest of the house.  I don't really use this room for anything other than a big pantry!  Right now it also is where I am storing more broken things that I need to keep until the moving company insurance comes through.

This picture is from the kitchen looking into the rest of the room.  It's one great big open room which is what we were looking for in a house.  We don't make use of a formal living room or dining room, so we wanted it all as one room.

The living room has a built-in TV unit which is perfect to hold all of our video game systems!

These bookshelves hold all of our DVDs, & girly fiction books.  PChad built me spacers so some of the shelves can hold twice as many books (it's hard to find shelf space for them all!)  The doors to the left are the laundry area doors...

...with a washroom beside them

Behind the couch in the living room are the shelves which had been in PChad's office in PEI, but now they are filled with general fiction & non-fiction on the left, & Christian fiction on the right.

Thanks for joining us on this tour, come back next week for the basement!
(Yes, there's MORE!)

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