Thursday, 25 February 2016

House Tour -Front Room

Welcome to the main floor!  PChad & I are still disagreeing on what we call this space.  He calls it the front room.  I tend to describe it by what's in there (or what will be in there).  So, I call it the fireplace room, or the piano room (despite there not being a piano at this point)*

This is the front entrance!  This house strangely has no hall closets, so we installed a shelf with hooks behind the door.  A nice find on kijiji (Canadian CraigsList) which matched the decor perfectly.

As you walk in, just to your right is a nice fireplace & sitting area...

and a wall waiting for a piano!

*if you, or someone you know in the area is looking to get rid of a piano for cheap, or even free, we are in the market for one!

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