Friday, 19 February 2016

House Tour -Chancery's Room

We have settled into our house in the last month, & are to the point that we have almost stopped shuffling furniture around... almost!  So, I figured it was time to show you some pictures.  We're going to take is slowly.  I'm only going to show you one room at a time, & today I am going to show you Chancery's room.

 This is looking straight ahead from the doorway into Chancery's room.  It is considerably smaller than her room in PEI was, & she is working on learning how to keep her small space clean.  It can be very difficult when you just want to play with ALL the toys!  We got rid of her bed in PEI which had lots of drawers built-in, & now she has Asher's old bunkbed.  At least it's tall enough to fit tote boxes under!

At the end of the bed is a dollhouse & her closet.  Thankfully we have numerous bookshelves, & we had one that fit perfectly between her closet & washroom door to hold some of her toys! 

Chancery's bookshelves are full to capacity.  She is making the transition from kids books to chapter books.  There are so many old favourites it's hard to know which ones to get rid of!  Just to the left of the dresser is the door again!

The door you see here leads into a washroom that the kids share.

  It is only accessible through their rooms, & they are learning to share, & remember to unlock both doors when they are done!  There is a shower, but no bathtub which isn't ideal (it means they want to use MY bathtub!), but it works!

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