Tuesday, 23 February 2016

House Tour -Guest Room / Office

Welcome to day 3 of the BC house tour!  Today I'll be showing you my office which doubles as a guest room.  YOU could be staying in this very room if you choose to come for a visit!

 This is taken from the doorway.  To the right is the private washroom.  It has a tub/shower combo for all your bathing needs!  The bookshelf you see here has our classic books, though some are missing since they got mixed in with PChad's office books.  The closed door is the walk-in closet which right now is storing our art.  We have not yet gotten around to putting art on the walls since we have lots, & there is not a lot of wall space in this house.  We have to choose carefully!

Here's my desk.  I inherited PChad's desk from PEI which is a massive upgrade from my desk space that I had before!  I am slowly learning how to keep a larger desk space clean!

Beside the desk we have 2 bookshelves which hold the rest of the kids books & chapter books that don't fit in the kids' bookshelves.  This is the first time in our 16 years of marriage that all of our books are on shelves!  Since the kids are now into chapter books it was time to haul them all out of the boxes!

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