Monday, 22 February 2016

House Tour -Asher's Room

 Welcome to another day of the BC house tour!  Today I will be showing you Asher's room.  This boy is the most organized member of the family, so it's no problem for him to keep his room straight!

As you walk in his room, to the left is his closet, followed by his full bookshelf.  He has 3 drawered carts full of Lego & those 2 things represent his favourite pastimes.

We recently purchased a loft bed for Asher.  It is a double on top with a desk & more shelves below.  It was a good deal from Kijiji since it was covered with graffiti, but a magic eraser & a few well placed stickers took care of the bad parts!  The only downside to this bed is that it is so tall that Asher can't sit up on his bed, so we are on the hunt for a bean-bag chair or floor cushion for him.  His dresser is by the window, & the door leads to the shared kids' washroom.

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