Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What's For Dinner?

I'm having a conversation I don't understand. We are having pulled pork buns for dinner.  Asher keeps asking if we can make sloppy joes out of them...

Me: "How would we do that?"

A:  "Put it on a bun."

Me:  "We are having pulled pork buns... On buns."

A:  "I KNOW that! I'm asking if we can make sloppy joes out of them!"

Me: "well sloppy joes are different meat in a different sauce."

A: "Can we MAKE sloppy joes with them?"

Me: "If you mean put them on buns, then yes, we can do that."

A:  "No, I want to make them into sloppy joes!"

Me: "Pulled pork is pork, in BBQ sauce, on a bun.  Sloppy Joes are ground beef, in tomato sauce, on a bun.  So, no, you can't make pork into ground beef."

A: "That's not what I'm asking!"

Me:  "I don't understand what you are asking."

A:  (Speaking slowly & loudly) "I. want. to. make. them. into. sloppy joes!"

Me: "Ok, I will give you a bun with pulled pork on it, & you can do whatever you want with it.  Is that what you want me to say?"

A: "Yes!"

I am very curious to see what he does with it to make pulled pork into sloppy joes.  It was clearly beyond my comprehension!

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