Wednesday, 2 February 2011

You Be Illin’

Asher often tells me from the backseat of the truck that he is feeling “truck-sick”.  I understand that he says that since we are in the truck rather than the car, so saying that he’s “car-sick” just wouldn’t make logical sense!


Yesterday we were at Walmart, & we’d been there for quite awhile since I had a long list of things we needed to get.  After about an hour, Asher told me, “Mummy, I’m getting home sick.”


I asked him, “What does it mean to be home-sick?” since I wasn’t sure what context he was meaning.


Asher then explained it thus, “Home-sick is when you are at someone’s house & you want to go back you your own house, but you never do.”


So, he understood the meaning perfectly, but I really enjoyed the way he phrased it.


  1. I get "truck-sick" when you drive so I can totally understand what he is saying.

  2. I've seen you drive....I can understand Asher

  3. Well the truth does hurt sometimes. sorry