Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Quick Thinking

The kids & I were headed to a friend’s house & we stopped by Tim Horton’s on the way to pick up some coffee.  As you place your order in the drive-thru, they always ask if you want to add a muffin, or donut, or whatever product they are pushing that day.  Today it was the chocolate chip muffin.


So, I ordered my coffee, then they asked, “Would you like to add a chocolate chip muffin to your order?”




“No, thank you,” I replied, but Asher had heard & he decided he WOULD like a chocolate chip muffin.


Asher: “Mummy, can we PLEASE get a chocolate chip muffin?”


Me: “No, Asher, there will be other kids there, & if we show up with one chocolate chip muffin, all the other kids will want one too.”


Asher: “Well, how MANY other kids will be there?”


Me: “I don’t know, maybe five.”


Asher: “And I will be the sixth one.”


Chancery: “No, I will be the sixth one!”


we pulled up to the window, & as I paid for the coffee Asher yells from the backseat…


Asher: “And could we please get SIX chocolate chip muffins too?”


Thankfully, the drive-thru lady couldn’t hear him…


  1. Aren't kids great at this age? They give us so much to write about!

    Keep up the good work- your writing adds a light part to my day...

  2. my sister has had this happen numerous times.. the only problem is that the order sometimes will acctually be put through... not fun if you only have enough money for a coffee..