Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Contained Snow Fun!

The other day the kids needed to release some pent-up energy, so I decided it was time to go play in the snow.  However, we have so much snow in the yard that it’s difficult for the kids to get around, especially Chancery, so I let them play on the deck.


It was a win-win situation, because I could stay nice & warm & enjoy a cup of coffee in the comfort of the house while the kids could play out in the snow.



I only had to open the door from time to time to tell the kids to stop trying to escape over the railing.  Asher thought he might shovel off the deck for us, but that proved to be too big of a job for him.  Instead, he settled for shovelling here & there until he tired of that, & then threw the shovel off the side of the deck.  I suppose it was a bit much to expect him to shovel two feet of snow off the deck, but it’s always good to set goals isn’t it?

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