Thursday, 17 February 2011

Why Didn’t I Foresee That?

imagesWhen PChad was gone last week, I though it might be fun for the kids & I to watch a movie & have popcorn one evening.  So, we popped the corn (in the microwave), got beverages, & settled in to watch one of the various Shrek films.

When it came time for Chancery to go to bed, I left Asher watching the movie, figuring he’d be fine for a few minutes.  As I came back downstairs, I kept hearing this strange *tink*  *tink*  *tink*  sound.  I turned the corner & was almost hit by a flying popcorn seed.


It was actually probably lucky that I was almost hit by one, because that made me look down to see that the floor was littered with popcorn seeds.  Apparently Asher had finished off the popcorn, & decided to see how far he could throw the seeds that were left in the bowl.


Rather than finishing up the movie together, he was given the task of finding all the wayward popcorn seeds, & retrieving them…

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