Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Chancery & I were in the grocery store today looking at juice bottles for Asher to take to school.  I’m pretty particular about things like juice bottles, last time I bought him one I made sure it wasn’t a metal container, since I didn’t want to have to worry about the metal making the juice taste weird.


But he broke his old one a few weeks ago, & before I could PAY for a new one, Asher managed to break the replacement one in the store.  I figured that if he’s that adept at breaking the only non-metal juice container I could find, maybe it was time to breakdown & buy a metal one.  But I was still going to be picky…


So, Chancery & I were in the grocery store looking at the juice bottles.  The only ones they had were metal, & there were some with screw off tops, as well as some with straws.  I can totally see Asher spilling the entire contents of his juice container if he has a screw off lid, so I decided to go with the one with a straw.  The only problem with them, was they only had Batman designs.  Normally that wouldn’t be a HUGE issue for me, but there are pictures of the Joker & the Penguin looking quite menacing…  Oh well.  I picked one up anyway.


Chancery wanted to hold the juice bottle, so I let her.  She was looking at all the pictures & trying to open the lid & close it.  It was doing a great job of entertaining her, until she dropped it.  I’m not sure how she managed to drop it in such a way that it went rolling waaaay under the shelf & there was no way I could get it back.


I told Chancery, “Well that wasn’t good.  Now we’ll have to go back to get another one.”


And she replied by raising her little arms, & stating, “I. am. JESUS!!”


What do you say to that?


“Honey, you are not Jesus… let’s go get another juice bottle for Asher.”


  1. You need tupperware,, I can get something shipped right to you!

  2. If it breaks its got a lifetime warranty!!!