Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lovely Knife

vm_53001_sol_a02When I was in high school, one Christmas I asked my parents for a pocket-knife.  I was a bit disappointed when I received the smallest possible Swiss Army Knife ever…

But I started carrying it around & it proved it’s usefulness time & time again.  It’s been used to cut the wayward strings off clothes, trim & file fingernails, remove splinters, & of course open packages.  When the kids’ toys need new batteries, I don’t have to search for a screwdriver to remove the battery covers.  When I worked in retail, I never had to borrow someone’s box-knife to open the tape on boxes.  It’s handy, & it’s useful.

Yesterday’s post about Asher locking my doorknob resulted in many comments advising buying a new knob for the door.  I had come to the same conclusion LAST time Asher locked the door, requiring a locksmith to open it.  IN fact we had it all figured out that we could take the knob & trade it for one on the storage room, since the storage room has 2 doors.  Even if Asher (or someone else) inadvertently locked the door, we could go in the other door & unlock it, no problem.  We just hadn’t gotten around to switching the doorknobs yet.

Sunday night, I set about trading the knobs.  I figured if we left it again, we’d be out another $40 in about a year’s time when someone had the bright idea to try it again.

I decided it was time to switch the knobs right then & there.  Since I always have a little knife in my pocket, I thought I’d try using that.  I got the basement knob off quite easily, I decided to trade knobs with Asher’s bedroom door too, so we could get the push-lock knob back on our door instead of his.  That knob was pretty easily removed & replaced as well, but when it came time to remove the offending key-lock on our door, it seemed that the bolting mechanism was a bit too big, so it had been jammed into the hole of the door quite tightly.

I almost had to get a real screwdriver…

PChad came to see what I was doing about half-way through & inquired about my choice of tools.  But my little knife was working fine, & it was handy when I started the project.

vm_53002_sol_a02vm_53001_sol_a02And when all was said & done, how many tools can boast being able to change 3 doorknobs, file fingernails, remove a sliver, & clean your teeth?

I’ve had to replace my original knife about 6 times due to forgetting to remove it from my pocket before flying.  I’ve had it in red, cobalt, & sapphire, mainly due to whatever colour happens to be available when I’m picking up a new one.

But I just discovered the new summer line… aren’t they pretty?



  1. I remember this knife. I am sure we also used it for things we probably shouldn't have used it for.

  2. Yes. I remember that one too. She loved to use it every chance she got :)