Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Enough Already!

I like snow as much as the next guy, but when PChad’s gone, why do we have to keep getting dumped on?  0206011502

This was the path to the side door on Sunday.  I think you’ll agree, we don’t really need anymore snow…



This is how the kids & I spent Sunday (and then we had pizza delivered)  Not a bad day.



Here we have the back deck…



The car

(PChad can use the snowblower when he gets back from his trip)




The path I cleared for the mailman.  We back into the garage, so this path will work perfectly for the passenger side wheel.  In order to get the truck out (even with 4 wheel drive), I’d have to hack my way through that 3 foot drift on the left.



Here’s the path to our front door.



The main problem is that every time the snow plow goes by, he leaves me 2 more feet of snow on the last 5 feet of my driveway.  IN order to clear ANY snow off my driveway at this point, I have to chuck it onto the 6 foot tall piles lining the driveway.


I suppose it could be worse… the kids could be puking!

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