Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Time’s A-Comin’

As we were setting up out artificial tree this year, we had a bit of help from Chancery.  Asher found something else to occupy himself, but Chancery was an eager participant.  We put each section of the tree together & Chancery helped us get all the little branches out of the box.


Now, she proudly points to the tree & says, “We made a tree!” or, “We BUILDED a tree!”  She’s so proud of what she has helped us accomplish this year.


Today she was telling me once again, “Mummy, we builded a Christmas tree.”


And then she continued, “Christmastime is coming soon… It’s going to be God’s BIRTHDAY!”


I’m so glad she gets it.  Even if she doesn’t fully understand yet, it’s nice to know that she’s beginning to grasp the reason we celebrate & ‘make’ trees.

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