Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Good Name

This morning a fox wandered into our yard.  We watched it as it meandered along, eating snow, sniffing the ground, doing what foxes do.  As it left our yard, Chancery commented, “It’s going to visit Mr. Peter now.”


I agreed that it was going into his yard, & then she continued, “And it’s going to see Roxy (the dog)… and the other lady.”


I guess we see more of the man & his dog than we do of the lady next door.


My favourite part of the conversation was the part she tacked on the end, “Trixie is a good name for her.”


Thinking she meant the woman who lives next door, I asked, “Do you mean Miss Cynthia?”


“No,” Chancery responded, “the fox that went into Mr. Peter’s yard.  I gave her that name.”

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