Thursday, 2 December 2010

The "Scents" of Smell

Every now & then, I like to check my parenting skills in extreme situations.

I take my kids into Bulk Barn.

By myself.

I usually need only one or two things, but strangely, we can’t seem to get in & out all that quickly.  Asher has a habit of turning all the scoops over, Chancery opens lids & takes free samples… it’s one thing after the other.

So, we were there once again about a week ago & Asher opened a lid to the chocolates.  I chastised him for doing so (you never know when a 4 year-old is going to sneeze, we take every precaution to NOT have it be in a bin of candies), & then he told me, “I just wanted to smell them, so I opened the lid & I can smell them, because I have a brain in my head full of the chocolates now.”

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