Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Asher was in the far back set of the truck with his stuffed dog, ‘Frisbee’.  Asher was chatting away to no one in particular, so PChad & I started listening in.  The following conversation was taking place:


Asher: “Frisbee, you can’t really talk, so I have to talk for you.”


Frisbee: “Ok, Asher!”


Asher: “I want you to stop talking now.”


Frisbee: “Ok.”


Asher: “That’s still talking, Frisbee.  I said no more talking.”


Frisbee: “Alright.”


Asher: “One… two… I said two already, Frisbee, so you better stop talking now.”


Frisbee: “I will.”


Asher: “That’s it, Frisbee, you’re getting a time out.  You have to sit over in that seat until your time out is over.”


Ahh, I love that kid’s imagination!


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