Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 3.5 years

Chancery – 1.5 years


IMG_3363Chancery: “I’ll give you one guess as to what Asher’s wearing today.”


IMG_3364Chancery: “People will think you only have one set of clothes.”


IMG_3367Asher: “People should be able to see beyond my outfit, that I am a nice, funny kid.”


IMG_3366Asher: “See how sweet I am?”


IMG_3368Chancery: “Do you really think people are going to buy that?”


IMG_3365Asher: “Sure, why wouldn’t they think that I’m just as sweet as you?”


IMG_3369Chancery: “Because everyone knows that girls are sweet, and boys are trouble.”



Chancery: “You people agree with me, am I right?”

Asher: “Is that true?  You think Chancery is sweeter than me?”

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