Thursday, 6 May 2010

Life Lessons & High Praise

The kids & I were at Zellers yesterday, picking up some things we needed.  I also use shopping trips as a way to kill time, and a method of teaching the kids self-control.

After we had gotten the things we needed, we headed off to the toy section to peruse what was there.  Here’s where the self-control lessons come in.  Asher is of the age that I can let him walk beside the cart, and as we walk the aisles, he checks out many of the toys.  But once I get to the end of the aisle, he has to catch up to where I am, & go tot he next aisle with me.  He may ask for toys, but he must not pitch a fit when I say “no.”  Sometimes it seems he asks for every single toy on an aisle, but he’s learning that sometimes I do say yes, but if he keeps asking & yunking for toys, I will often put something back on the shelf that I had previously said yes to.

Chancery is still confined to the cart, so she’s not grabbing toys off the shelves (unless I get the cart too close), and she hasn’t gotten to the stage that she asks to buy things yet.  She normally just people watches so she can say “Hi, Man!  Hi, Lady!” to everyone.

Barbie Fashion Fever Disco Ball Barbie Doll in Pink Mini Dress So we walked the toy aisles yesterday & as we looked, Chancery suddenly said, “Miss Danielle there!”  I looked around, but couldn’t see her anywhere, so I asked, “Where is Miss Danielle?”  Chancery pointed at the shelf near her & said, “Miss Danielle, right there!” 
…and she pointed to the display of Barbies.  Apparently she sees a strong resemblance between Miss Danielle & Barbie.  So, Congrats, Miss Danielle, you’re looking goooood!


  1. awwwwwww! That's the cutest thing I've ever heard! And of course she's right!!! hahaha!!! Thanks Chancery : )

  2. who knew, thats the one toy i never liked my girls playing with was Barbies and now she look like one? guess that backfired

  3. Not really! I guess I'm kinda glad you never let us play with them, who knows what I would have looked like then......?

  4. It sounds like fun :)