Thursday, 27 May 2010

Getting Right Down To Business

Asher loved meeting people.  It takes us a sweet forever to get through the grocery store because he wants to know everyone’s name, and get the occasional handshake, along with asking when their birthday is.  So it was no surprise to me when, in Value Village, we came across a woman with a large tiger tattoo on her arm, that Asher had to strike up a conversation with her about it:


Asher: “What’s that?”


Lady: “It’s a tattoo…”

Lady: “…it’s kind of like colouring.”


Asher thought about it for a few moments, but the top half of it was covered by her sleeve.  Apparently there was only one solution for that.


Asher: “If you took your shirt off I could see the whole thing!”


She kindly lifted her sleeve so he could see it, rather than undressing in the middle of the book section.  I sometimes worry that someone might take one of his suggestions sometime, with disturbing results.

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