Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fair Treatment

Chancery seems to have taken a shine to the potty chair.  She constantly is asking to “poo on the potty, please!” and yet she has never attempted that feat.IMG_3385


The most common way for her to alert us that she wants to wee, is she says, “Chancery wants blue candy, please!”  And she seems to have the ability to wee on command no matter how short of a time it has been since she last wee’d on the potty.  She’s determined to get her candies! 


But now Asher thinks he needs a candy every time HE goes to the washroom as well.  We’ve tried explaining that when he was learning to use the toilet, he got candies too, but now that he knows how, he doesn’t need them anymore.  I’ve gone so far as to give him a candy when he poo’s just to even it up a little.


I know it does seem unfair to him that he’s not getting a Smartie for every trip he takes to the washroom, but he’s the one who gets a lollypop from the bank ladies, and then Chancery doesn’t.


So, we are hoping that he is learning that age brings DIFFERENT treats, rewards, & responsibilities, but on the other hand, he might just be learning that the world isn’t always fair.  I suppose they are both good lessons to learn.

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