Thursday, 13 May 2010


A few days ago, we had one of our “Miss Julie” friends come over to watch Chancery while I took Asher to swimming lessons.  We had a bit of confusion about which “Miss Julie” was coming over, since we know 3 women named Julie, who all interact with the kids on a semi-regular basis.

We usually refer to them in the order we met them as “Miss Julie”, “Different Miss Julie”, & “Different, Different Miss Julie” (we’re so creative, aren’t we?)  On this particular day, it was “Different, Different Miss Julie” who was coming over, but every time Asher tried to address her, he spend so much time saying “different” that he’d lose track of what he was going to tell her.

So, we decided that it was time to come up with another way of addressing “Different, Different Miss Julie”.  We ran through the regular gamut of names, such as “Miss Beatrice” & “Miss Ethel”, but between Asher & “Different, Different Miss Julie” they were all shot down.  And then, “DDMiss Julie” decided to throw “Miss Bertie” out as a suggestion & Asher latched onto it quite quickly & gave it a minor tweak, changing it to “Miss Birdie” instead & it stuck.

Quite soon after the name discussion, Asher & I left for the pool & we kind of figured that would be the end of the nickname, but once we got home, he continued to address her as such.  From now until he forgets about it, I believe her new moniker will be “Miss Birdy”.  Time to get used to answering to it!

There is a moral to this tale, be very careful around Asher about how you may refer to yourself, even if it’s purely in jest, he may just be the one who changes your name permanently!


  1. Different Miss Julie~13 May 2010 at 14:46

    As one of the "Julies", I still like the nickname he gave me, and I tell a lot of people how it came to be when he calls me " Different Miss Julie"! It will remain with me as one of the most creative and sweet ones I have ever had.....and I have had a few I did not like over the years! Thank you, Asher~

  2. And this is how strange nicknames are born, lol!