Thursday, 22 October 2009

How To Drive Me Crazy

I have a natural tendency to put things where they belong. Books should be put in the shelf in order, toys should be put away where with similar toys, etc.

It is interesting to see that the kids are picking up on that tendency & follow suit. Occasionally I will leave something out so I can use it again easily & quite often Asher or Chancery will find that it is not in the proper spot & move it back to where it should be.

Sometimes I wish PChad would jump on the bandwagon. The other day I asked him to get a drink for Chancery & not long after, discovered her walking around with an unmatched cup.

It seriously drove me crazy. I tried to ignore it, but I just couldn't. How could he not put the matching lid on the cup? They aren't even CLOSE to matching!


  1. But Sherilyn, you have to realize it is functional, who cares if it matches!

  2. hehe I am the same way! (but not with sippy cups. I don't need experience with those things yet.. :S )