Friday, 16 October 2009

He's Been Listening!

The kids & I were at a charity shop yesterday & Asher got settled right in playing with the toys. I decided to look at the kids' clothes, but since they are across the store I thought I should let Asher know where I was, just in case he looked up & I wasn't right there.

Me: "Asher, I'm going to go look at the clothes a minute."

Asher: "Ok, you better go and do that then." (sounding a bit like what we tell him when he tells us he has to go to the washroom)

Asher: "When your body tells you that you need to do that, you need to listen to it."

I'm not quite sure that he was paying attention to where I said I was going. I think if he had decided to look for me, he would've been looking in the washroom rather than amongst the clothing racks.

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