Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Etiquette Lessons

Saturday morning we took our traditional trip to McDonald's for breakfast. After the kids had finished eating, they went off to play on the playground, but it didn't take long for Asher to find someone to talk with.

There was a man at a nearby table with 2 boys who were a little older than Asher. Age makes no difference to Asher; he'll talk to anyone, but seems to prefer adults to children.

He started talking to the man, & we decided to listen in, just to make sure that if he became an annoyance, we could step in & remove him.

Asher: "Man, you need to get your elbows off the table. It's not good manners!"

The man looked a bit taken aback & looked around for this up-front child's parents.

PChad apologized to him from the safety of our table, & the gentleman shrugged it off. But Asher was determined to teach this man some manners, so he repeated his missive, "Man, take your elbows off the table!"

This time the man complied, & we told Asher to leave him alone. Sadly, the lesson didn't stick, for either the man, or Asher.

The man had just taken his elbows off the table, & Asher ran up to him & told him yet again, that he shouldn't have his elbows up on the table.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

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