Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Stingy Givers

On Sunday, a friend of mine informed me that the Superstore has a coupon for 2 free re-usable bags with every $50 purchase. She also mentioned that you have to specifically ASK for your free bags, since they have put the coupons behind the cash registers b/c they realized they'd be giving away lots of the bags if everyone knew about the offer.

So as I was checking out from the grocery store the other day, I asked about the free bags & the cashier said, "Um, I'm not sure that offer is still on anymore. I guess I could call customer service to ask them." I told her that I thought the offer was until October. She then OPENED HER DRAWER & REMOVED A STACK OF THE COUPONS to read the expiration date. Seeing as I was right, she then conceded that it was in fact, still on offer. She did mention that it was for the SMALL bags & not the normal sized ones. As I was not aware there were two sizes, I asked if she had any of the smaller bags. "Well, I might have a couple down here somewhere," she replied (I noticed a considerable stack of them behind her counter).

She then proceeded to scan the bags, & then the coupon, but for some reason the coupon wasn't scanning into the computer. "I don't know how these coupons are supposed to work," she says, "so I'll just give the bags to you & figure it out later." I'm not sure what they are trying to pull, but if you go to the Superstore & spend $50 or more, make sure you ask for your 2 free bags. I think if a company has an offer, it's pretty shady to try to discourage their customers from getting it.

*end rant*


  1. Have you ever been a cashier before? It's not a fun job...employers neglect to mention details to their employee's, causing confusion.

    I don't think the cashier was trying to discourage you. It's not her money or bags that are being given out.

  2. I don't think it's the cashier, as much as the store trying to hide the coupons, so they don't have to give out bags. I was loading my groceries, and they guy behind me had around $60 of groceries, and no bags, and she was going to charge him the $.10 for plastic bags, instead of informing him he was entitled to the free ones.
    It isn't the cashiers money or bags, so why are they not telling customers.
    Glad you got the bags free...it's on until sometime in October, so you can probably get them every time you're in!