Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Forgetful Chef

Yesterday afternoon we went to the park, & since I thought we might be away for awhile, I set up the rice cooker on a timer so that the rice would be done by dinner time to accompany our Curried Beef.

While we were having a grand old time at the park, I started to wonder..... but then I figured it didn't really matter since I couldn't do anything about it anyways.....

Once we got home, my fears were founded. I had left the lid off the rice cooker. A quick search of the cupboard found no minute rice to salvage the situation, so we ended up having curried beef with raman noodles. Not a bad combination, but rice would have been better.

I always thought crock-pot & rice cooker dinners were impossible to mess up, but apparently, my skills know no bounds!

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