Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nightly Requests

After we put Asher to bed at night, we can count on him finding excuses to get out of bed, whether it be that he has to wee, poo, blow his nose, get a blanket, pray again for someone he forgot.... there is always a ready supply of reasons to keep him getting up. Quite frequently lately it has been that he needs to blow his nose. The other night:

A: "I need a kleenex!"

A: "I need a kleenex & I have to yawn too."

So I went in & performed my kleenex wielding duty.

A: "You have to put that in the garbage."

Me: "Ok, I will."

A: "There's a garbage in your room, if you want to put it in there!"

Not 5 minutes later, he was at it again. So I put the box of kleenex at the foot of his bed & told him he could do it himself if he needed to blow his nose anymore. Once I left the room, I heard him get out of bed & open the door....

A: "I need to throw this kleenex in the garbage."

I told him that he could put it on the floor by his bed & we would throw them away in the morning. When I went to check on him later that night, there was a HUGE pile of kleenex on the floor & the box was stuffed full of wadded up kleenex. When I asked Asher about it the next morning, he told me,

A: "I needed lots of kleenex when I blew my nose so my boogies wouldn't get all over my bed."

I informed him that he only needed one kleenex & that he had wasted all the other ones & he then had to put them all back in the box.

A: "But I CAN'T put them in the box! There are too many!"

Me: "They all came out of that box, so you have to put them back in."

A: "But I tried already & it's no use," he said sadly.

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