Friday, 11 September 2009

Can You Handle It?

Last time we were at the grocery store, I bought some blueberries. For some reason, most of the blueberries in the box I picked seem to be sour. There's no obvious reason that they should be sour. They are all roughly the same shade of blue, & the big ones don't seem to be less sour than the smaller ones.

It's a bit funny to watch the kids eat them b/c all of a sudden, their faces get all squinched up, but they keep eating them. I can understand it though, I do the same thing. I guess you just keep thinking that the NEXT one will be better.

I'm wondering, though, why eating sour patch kids, or sour gummy worms don't seem to be nearly as bad as these blueberries, because, really, those are much more sour.

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