Friday, 25 September 2009

Friendly Fella

The kids & I were in search of a park the other day. Sometimes we just drive around & see if we can find a new one. The road we were on dead ended at a nursing home & there was a wooded area that shared the parking lot. I asked Asher if he would like to walk in the woods instead of finding a park & he said that would be alright.

We started walking down the path & since I hadn't taken the stroller for Chancery, we were going pretty slowly. We were soon overtaken by 2 older women who were also walking on the path. Since Chancery was crouched in the middle of the path examining a leaf, the women stopped to say "hi". Asher, not wanting to be left out, picked up a leaf for one of the women & pointed out that it was a nice orange leaf. After receiving some praise, he found another leaf for the second woman & pointed out that it was yellow.

By this time Chancery was ready to walk again, & the women joined us for a short ways.... not that they had much choice.... Asher had taken the first woman's hand & they were leading the pack.

After a short while, Asher's attention was diverted & the women carried on & left us behind. Once Asher noticed that they had left, he went chasing after them, but I told him that he needed to let them enjoy their walk together. His reply was, "But those ladies NEED me!"

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