Friday, 7 August 2009

Something Borrowed, Something Blue -review

Awhile ago, after I had read Twilight, I discovered there is a manuscript (which Stephenie Meyer has now decided to finish) of the same story from Edward's point of view. One of the things I really enjoyed about Twilight, was that the story is told strictly from the main character's point of view & that we only know what she knows.

One of the next books I read was Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. Rachel is just entering her 30s. She has a job which she isn't particularly fond of, but it pays the bills. She has a best friend (Darcy) that she met when they were 5 & lived on the same street. But she still hasn't found the right guy.

Rachel met Dexter while they were both at law school. She didn't think she was good enough for him, so she introduced him to her friend Darcy. Now Dexter & Darcy are engaged, but Rachel feels an attraction to Dexter.

As is common with books in the Chick-Lit genre, the reader starts to sympathize with the single girl who's just trying to find love & we start to find fault with the relationship that Dex is in, trying to find an "out" for him.

Something Blue is the second book in this series & I was delighted to discover that the first part of the book covers some of the same ground as the end of Something Borrowed, but from Darcy's point of view. Suddenly Darcy isn't such a cow! We can start to understand her way of thinking a little bit!

What I found particularly interesting about these books is how similar things happen in our lives. We hear one side of the story & start making judgments about people/situations. It can colour our whole perception. But once we hear the other side of the story, it takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes it's unintentional that we start thinking badly of someone because the person relating the story doesn't fully understand the other person's rationale for acting the way they have.

All in all, I really enjoyed both of theses books and would recommend them for more mature readers as there are some sex scenes, though they aren't particularly graphic

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  1. The author lives in my parents neighborhood and I met her at a book club and she is beyond nice, she is so sweet and funny. Her next 2 books are great as well!