Thursday, 13 August 2009

Learing To Walk

Yesterday I had an appointment to see the Doctor about my foot. After a few x-rays & a look at my foot, he gave me clearance to take off the cast-boot & walk on it. He told me I'm allowed to walk on it, but I'm not allowed to do any athletic activities. Not that there is any real danger of that in the near future.

I found that I am very accustomed to walking on my heel, since that was all I was allowed to do in the last 6 weeks. As I left his office I caught myself on my heel & had to really think about putting the rest of my foot down.

I had thought ahead enough to bring my other shoe, which I was happy about. However, I had neglected to bring a sock. Thankfully I was wearing rather long jeans, so no one could really tell that I was wearing one sock & not the other.

So now I have to get my muscles used to doing all the things they are supposed to do when you walk, like stretching! I think at this point, Chancery is walking faster than I am!

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  1. Oh my. I broke my ankle over a year ago and it is just starting to feel normal. The mere mention of "Das Boot" creeped me out. Here's to healing!!