Thursday, 20 August 2009

Anne Of Green Gables -review

Since I live on Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Gables, I figured it was time I read the book. It's been awhile since I saw the movie, but I remembered the main parts of the storyline quite well.

I found that the movie & the book were pretty accurate to each other, which was nice. Of course there's a bit more detail in the book, which in some instances, I liked, & in others.... not so much.

I found some of Anne's monologues to be exhaustively long & seemingly without purpose. I was too worried that I might miss something vital to skip over them though. Other than that the story was quite interesting, & since at the end of the book Anne is maturing & speaking up less, I think I might enjoy the next book a bit more.

One thing I really noticed in the last weeks whilst reading this book, is that Anne has real ups & downs of emotion. She can go very quickly from the highest of heights, to the depths of despair. I saw that mirrored in Asher. He can be playing nicely outside, but when I tell him to come in for lunch.... BAM! Tears & protestations! I know that three-year-olds' emotions & reasoning skills are not fully developed. I can see that in Anne's case, being passed around from one home to the next, those would not have the chance to mature. But after a few years with the love of a family, she has finally had the chance to love & be loved.

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