Friday, 14 August 2009

Chancery Turns ONE!

Yesterday was Chancery's birthday. We don't tend to do much for birthdays around here, especially when they're so young & don't really get it anyways.

Since I have new-found freedom, I took the kids to Walmart the other day & we picked out a doll for Chancery. I figured she should have something girly to play with, since she seems to have the car & truck sounds figured out. She picks up a car & shows it to us & says, "Neeeeee nee."

Asher presenting Chancery with her new doll....

.......and pointing out it's eyes.

Chancery decided it was naptime for baby.

The other exciting birthday surprise, was a trip to the doctor! She was very excited about this, I could just tell! It was just a check-up, so she just got weighed & measured. She is growing like a Dutch girl, tall & skinny. She was 30" tall (75%) & 18 pounds (10%). Since she stayed on the same percentile trend for weight as she had been on, the doctor wasn't worried about it at all. He just said she'll probably be a string-bean. It's pretty interesting to put her next to other kids her age, b/c she just looks so tiny!

I did hear her very distinctly say that she wanted to go out for Chinese food for dinner & since she doesn't ask for much, I figured it was our parental duty to oblige, since it was her birthday after all. We had a very enjoyable day celebrating Chancery's birthday. It's always nice to have an excuse to go out to dinner!

I also decided it was time to start getting Chancery used to having her hair done, so I tried a few things yesterday. I settled on a ponytail, much to PChad's chagrin. But had it not been for the ponytail, we would have not overheard this conversation from the table next to us at dinner:

Lady: "Look at it, it goes straight up from the top of her head!"

Man: "Mmm."

Lady: "Just look at her shoveling it in! I've never seen a child her age eat Chinese food so well!"

Man: "Mmm."

Lady: "Her mum can't cut it up fast enough! She's DEVOURING it!"

Man: "Mmm-hmm. I think I'll go back up for seconds."

Chancery did really enjoy her Chinese cuisine. She hardly had room for the fortune cookie. We stopped at the park on the way home & let the kids play for awhile. Chancery was all shrieks & giggles on the swing. I think she had a pretty good birthday, even if there was no cake.


  1. Happy birthday cutie! Lil Chick is also on the "tall and skinny" growth trend ;) SO funny!

  2. The chinese is good, but is it Stavely good??

  3. Sadly, no. I have yet to find another place in Canada that is Stavely good.