Monday, 24 August 2009

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

Asher got some money from his grandparents for his birthday & I was looking for just the right thing to buy with it. I was in the mall with PChad's sister & brother-in-law when I saw the sporting goods store had bikes on sale. I figured that Asher was at the age where he's a bit big for a tricycle, but he could learn to ride a bike. So I made the purchase & wrangled Troy into carrying it out to the truck while Tara dealt with the kids & I tottered after them on my crutches.

Asher has never ridden on a tricycle or a bike, so it's a totally new thing for him to try to master. A few weeks ago, PChad took Asher across the street to learn to ride. There's a very slight hill there, so he set Asher up to go down the hill, so it would be easier for him to learn to both pedal & steer at the same time.

After awhile I joined them with Chancery, but Chancery just wanted to get out of the stroller, so I came back home so as not to distract the boy whilst he was learning. About 20 minutes later, Asher & PChad came in the house & Asher declared:

"I tried to ride my bike, but it's no use. I can't do it."

I told him that it takes practice & that eventually he'd learn, but he was distracted & didn't want to listen to my little pep-talk. Later when I got the pictures off the camera, this is what I found:

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  1. What a face! I'm sure at some point he'll be more excited about it. How's the ankle doing? Will you be off crutches soon?