Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bargains Galore!

Yesterday we went to the Bargain Store. I haven't been to a Bargain Store in about 5 years, but it used to be on of my favourite stores. For those of you not familiar, it's like a dollar store, but things cost slightly more b/c they are (sometimes) a little bit better quality than your typical $1 items.

This particular store had the mini shopping carts, that are a bit difficult to manage w/ the 2 kids, but we did alright. I finally got the carseat situated so that it wasn't going to fall off the front & yet there was still room for Asher to sit on the seat. There was a tiny hole near the front of the cart that I could squeeze items into the cart through. We started off in the Christmas aisle, everything was 50% off. One of my favourite ways to say goodbye to the holidays is picking up bargains for next year! We slowly meandered through the aisles, narrow as they were, it's a good thing their carts are so small, but going around the end of the aisles was a bit tricky w/ the carseat across the front. I bashed into quite a few end-caps.

Near the back of the store Asher warned me to "Watch out for the lady, Mum." I told him that I would & thanked him for warning me. He then said again, "Watch out for that lady, Mum..... Lady, get out of the way!" I really can't blame him. In my baby book I'm recorded as saying, "Outta the way, Lady!" to a woman on the grocery store when I was about his age. But I did inform him that next time it would be more appropriate to say "excuse me!"

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