Monday, 11 August 2008

An Ill Wind Was Blowing......

Today was one of those weird days. Asher was in a bad mood all day. Well, I suppose that isn't ENTIRELY true. He was ok until lunchtime & then things started getting hairy. After he barely ate any lunch, he was super grumpy. We attributed it to being tired since he went to bed about 2 hours later than normal last night due to church (followed by Dairy Queen). So Chad went to put him down for a nap amongst much protestation.

He didn't wake up in any better of a mood. I heard "No Thank You, NO THANK YOU!" As he first woke up. I went in & asked if he wanted to get up or to keep sleeping since sometimes he is still tired & will sleep longer. He said he wanted to sleep some more, so I covered him w/ the blanket & left, but that apparently was NOT what he wanted. He started yunking so I told him he could get up if he wanted to, so he got up & started whinging that he wanted to see Daddy & Grandma, so we went to find them.

The afternoon was a mixture of him going outside, coming to the door & crying that he wanted to come back in, but slamming it back closed everytime I opened it for him b/c he wanted "Daddy to do it!" Ah, the fun we had for that 1/2 an hour! I think it will be a bit difficult, but a good thing, to get back into a normal routine once we make it to PEI. Sometimes I think that by having so many adults around he's beginning to think he calls the shots. But it's difficult to keep him entertained all the time b/c we're in a new place & I don't really know where to take him or what to do w/ him either.

Oh, his world will be rocked whenever this baby decides to come out!

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