Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Cruelest Words

I had another DR appointment today. I was eager to find out if this baby is any closer to coming out. Not b/c I really want to meet it, not b/c I'm uncomfortable, but b/c we have a moving deadline & the older the baby is, the easier the trip will be.

So, off I went. I saw the Dr. I haven't grown at all in the last week. He listened to the heartbeat, measured the tummy & checked that the head is still down. Then he said..... "ok, see you next week!"

How cruel! I got home & Chad asked, "Well, what's the news?" ..... I don't think this baby wants to be born in Alberta. I think it wants to be born on our road trip. He simply said see you next week. Chad asked if he checked to see how far I'm dilated. No, he did not. "Well, you need to tell him to check that!" But I don't want to be one of "those" patients who thinks they know more than the Dr. He's the one who's gone to school for it & delivered countless babies. I suppose when "Baby X" is good & ready it'll come out & until then I just have to find a way to try to hurry it along a little!


  1. Hang in there!!! We are thinking of you and praying this baby comes soon! Can't wait to see all four of you!!!

  2. What was your way of hurrying it along? she sure wanted to come out then . haha

  3. You should inquire about how far you are dialated. I did because I had a tendency to dialate early. You are not being pushy, that is what you pay them for. Also, if you are further dialated or the head is dropped lower they can let you know your progress easier since they'll have something to compare to from the previous appt. You should also find out so you know if you have any breathing room once your contractions start. I was dialated 5+ for each of my pregnancies, basically that means that once anything started our goal was to get to the hospital as fast as possible. If you are only a 1 then you have a little more room to drive at a more comfortable pace without the fear of giving birth in the car!