Sunday, 24 August 2008


Today we went to visit the church in Burdett where Chad did his internship 3 summers ago. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone again, as we had only seen 3 couples in the time b/w when we were there & now. One of the families invited us over for lunch & we had an enjoyable afternoon catching up w/ them.

One of the activities that Asher really enjoyed today was being given full reign of the flyswatter. We don't have too many flies at home, so we usually just get them ourselves when he spots one, but today he was given his very own to use as he pleased. I'm not too sure how many he actually killed, there were many that were lying pretty still before he got them, but since he didn't seem to know the difference, we though it better to not spoil his fun.

After lunch he took the flyswatter into the living room w/ him & then we spotted a fly near the table, so we asked him to bring the flyswatter back to us. Seems the boy has no clue what a flyswatter is..... He looked around & around for it when it was sitting in the middle of the floor right in front of him. I gave him clear directions until he was basically standing on topp of it, then told him to pick it up off the floor in front of him. He took a step back, hunched down & started closely inspecting the carpet. I think he must have been looking for a FLY at that point, b/c he was clearly looking for something quite small.

Asher then went back to the window & picked up a fly to bring to us. We said, "Not a FLY, the flySWATTER." To which he replied, "This looks like an airplane." He then held it aloft & demonstrated how an airplane would fly whilst making "vrooming" sounds. He did eventually bring us the flyswatter, still not too sure he knows what one is though.....


  1. Ah! This is adorable! You must laugh a lot with Asher running around!

  2. That is very, very cute. I'm sure asher enjoyed himself a lot playing with the flyswatter.