Friday, 8 August 2008

Big Boy Bed

Asher has made the transition to the big boy bed. It was quite easy, which we were quite suprised about, but it may have been b/c he has been sleeping in a pac n play for the last month & I don't think they can be very comfortable. He's only gotten out of bed a few times that we've had to give him a time out for. But the other night we had a bigger problem.....

I put him to bed & then Chad stayed outside the door afterwards to make sure he was staying in bed & going to sleep. All went well & we went downstairs for awhile. When Chad went to check that he had covers on just before we went to bed, he was suprised to find himself looking at Asher's bare bottom. Apparently Asher had decided to remove his PJ bottoms & diaper. Chad thought he could just sneak it back on while Asher slept, but then discovered he was too late..... The bed was soaked!

We had to move Asher back into the pac n play for awhile (which he was none too pleased about) & take all the bedding off & try to clean it up as best we could. We have no idea what possessed him to take his diaper off, we haven't had any issues w/ him trying to do that. Maybe we'll have to duct tape his daiper on at night from now on!


  1. Good luck to you. I have found that once they discover that they can remove their diaper it is a very tempting thing for them to keep doing. One suggestion is to buy shirts with the buttons on the bottom. They are usually too hard to undo and that saves on duct tape. Have fun.

  2. How priceless. Other than the incident, I'm glad it has gone well for you. Is potty training the next item on the list now? Or practicing how to hold a baby for the big brother pictures that are soon to come?

  3. Good luck with Asher now. I hope that you and Chad learn another way for him to keep his diaper on at night so that you don't have to punish him.

  4. fun times eh lol hope that phase doesn't stay too long eh