Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sleep & Soreness

Last night was a GREAT night. Chancery went to sleep at 10:30 & didn't wake up until 4am! This morning we had to wake her up at 7:30 b/c we were going to a pancake breakfast b/c it's Whoop-Up days in Lethbridge, so there's a pancake breakfast every morning. Sure, I was a bit sore b/c I'm making a bit more milk than she was using last night, but I'll trade that for getting a good sleep any day!

So this morning we went to the pancake breakfast, which was ok. The food wasn't hot, but it's not like we went for great food. We go for the fun & adventure of it all & Asher got his face painted! He only got a small bumble bee, but he did pretty well sitting still for the lady.

We came back home for awhile & then went out to see the parade. This was the 3rd parade we have seen this summer, so Asher knew what to expect. We told him we were going to a parade & he said, "They throw candy!" Yes, they usually do, but this was definitely the MOST BORING PARADE EVER! Most the entries were just cars, maybe decorated w/ pom-poms. There was not really any interaction b/w the people in the parade & the people watching, & we got 2 lollipops. Now, I understand if there's a rule saying they can't THROW candy, but that doesn't mean they can't walk along the crowd & hand it out! We sat for 2 hours & mocked the parade in order to keep our sanity. We probably would have left, but we would have had to cut across the parade to get to our vehicle. Chancery had the right idea, she slept through the whole thing & Asher almost succumbed as well.

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  1. Yes, that must have been boring but i'm sure asher enjoyed it somewhat.