Thursday, 3 July 2008

We're Home, & Getting On Schedule!

We made it to Alberta on Tuesday afternoon. Asher was a trooper (McDonald's really helped). We stopped at the Alberta border for a picnic lunch, but there were ants EVERYWHERE! They were the red & black kind that are pretty big & they didn't look like they were very happy. They were really truckin' it & they were all over the ground & the picnic tables & the playground, so we packed back up & went to McDonald's for lunch. It was too bad b/c we were looking forward to having a nice picnic lunch again, but it was nice to be in the air conditioning too.

Asher woke up at 6 yesterday, but we figured he was still adjusting to the time change, so it was ok. He was pretty tired yesterday morning, so we took him out to Costco & Walmart to get a few things & keep him awake 'til naptime. He does enjoy Walmart! Last night Chad & Grandma took him to a playground & he thoroughly enjoyed that. I enjoyed a leisurely bath while they were out.

This morning I heard Asher wake up around 6 & ask to watch Bob the Builder, but that was all he said, then I heard him around 6:30 say that his night-light had come on (it's on a timer & he can get out of bed when it comes on in the morning), but he went back to sleep until 7, so it was nice that we all got a bit more sleep last night.

We've got most of our things unpacked, but I haven't started on the new-baby gear yet, I just don't know where I'm going to put all that stuff & I don't really want to think about it either. Hopefully I'll get inspired in the next few days to find a good place for it. I think Chad's mum would like that.

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